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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — He stops you short with a warning—“Don’t go there, that’s something you’ll have to ask Chip Kelly about,” says Nolan Carroll III, the cornerback who the Eagles signed to a two-year deal when it comes to possibly starting for the Eagles this season.

Carroll has certainly made a strong case for himself. The 6-foot-1, 205-pound cornerback says this is the best training camp he’s ever had. It shows. Everything that’s been thrown in his direction it seems as if he’s been there to bat the ball away.

The only thing that has gotten in Carroll’s way is a groin strain that he says now is by him. Playing in place of the Cary Williams on Thursday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Carroll made his preseason debut with a diving interception.

“It was cool, I was excited and having fun,” Carroll said. “With the time off [recovering from the groin strain], I was itching to get out there. It’s still hard to believe playing for a different team, in a different jersey, but it all came together.”

Carroll said the groin held up and he feels 100-percent. “I’m just playing right now, and I do feel confident where I am right now. I’ve felt confident since I walked into the building and I want to get better and find ways to improve. I’d like to think that this is the best training camp I’ve had as a pro, regarding consistency. I’ve had days in Miami when I was good, and other days in Miami when I wasn’t.

“It was difficult for me to keep my consistency there. For some reason here, I’ve been able to do that. But I also think that’s come from experience. This is going to be my fifth year in the league. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, and I am 27, but I do see the ball much greater than I ever have before. I’ve made more of a conscious effort to see the ball than trying to make the play, instead of letting the play come to me.

“I haven’t put any pressure on myself to make a play. I’ve been really relaxed and calm. If I make a mistake, I’ve learned not to swell on it and concentrate on the next play. It’s something that in the past I really didn’t do that in the past. I was always harping on what I did before and forget about it.”



Joseph Santoliquito | | August 23, 2014