Posted by Nolan Carroll

Eagles Fans! If there is one thing that’s clear, it is the fact that you guys are the BEST fans in the NFL, and I couldn’t be more proud to call Philadelphia my home. You guys have always been there to support this team through thick and thin, which is one of many things I truly appreciate about you. One thing I have always had a passion toward is developing more of a personal relationship with all of our fans. After all, if it weren’t for you guys, this game would not be near as fun. With this goal in mind, I am excited to announce the launch of my new website – a platform built for fans to visit, provide input, support local charitable causes, and purchase gear that you won’t find anywhere else!

 As I mentioned, I wanted this website to help be a platform to draw me closer to all of you. To me, there is no better way to get familiar with the guy under the pads, than to view videos of something behind the scenes! My goal is to have everyone get to know who Nolan Carroll II is off the field, which is why this content will include things from life at home, to workouts I use to stay in competitive shape etc.!
When developing this platform, I wanted to build something that fans look forward to visiting. It is for this reason I have put together a tremendous team that will constantly help me to produce behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive gear. In addition, I plan to team up with numerous foundations to help support causes throughout the area! Charitable causes are very close to my heart, and something that I will always look for ways to support. It is through this passion I will be setting up numerous charitable causes throughout my page. From memorabilia with a charitable component, to numerous clothing lines to support causes in the community – my site will tie in many different things that contain portions of proceeds to benefit different causes. This is something I am excited about, and look forward to helping give back to this community that helped shape me!

On my site you will also notice numerous hats, t-shirts, and other items up for purchase. These items were put up with one thing in mind – to deliver a product that looks, and feels great! I want to produce clothes that you won’t find anywhere else; which is why my team and I will constantly be developing new clothes that provide unique looks for all you guys! This gear is something I will be wearing on a regular basis, and something that I would like for all of you to as well!
If you aren’t already – be sure to follow me on social media. My social platform is something I plan to engage in more frequently as I tie things into my website. My social media will be a stage I use to reward all of you guys with giveaways, discounts, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences! In addition, it will serve as a platform for you to hear the newest news in my life, directly from me without anything being construed by the media. 
As always, I appreciate all of you and look forward to creating great things for all of you to enjoy moving forward!